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Crawfish Craft for the Weekend


Happy TGIF, CDP Fam! We’ve got a fun crawfish craft for the weekend and one of our favorite crawfish themed stories to keep the hours inside from the cold busy.

We found this idea on Craftulate and though they call it a lobster craft, we think it could also work for crawfish. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a red paper plate,

  • paper fasteners (brads, split pins)

  • red pipe cleaner

  • googly eyes


Cut two claws out from the sides of the plate and use the center section for the body. Make holes in the ends of the claws and “arms” and push a red paper fastener through to secure them together. Make another hole to thread the pipe cleaner through and twist into antennas. Glue on googly eyes.

We love Johnette Downing’s book, Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud. Here’s the synopsis from Amazon: “A long time ago, when Crab and Crawfish were still best friends, Crawfish was feeling particularly lazy--and particularly hungry-as he loafed around the muggy bayou. When Crab arrived with a fish, Crawfish took one listen to his empty belly and decided to trick his good-natured friend. After Crab realizes Crawfish has made a fool of him again, he isn't happy, and before he knows it, Crawfish gets exactly what he deserves. A charming tale cautioning children about the consequences of cheating your friends, this colorful picture book from the critically acclaimed Johnette Downing will delight readers of all ages with its timeless and gentle lesson about integrity.”

The only other thing this craft and story lacks is several pounds of fresh boiled crawfish. “Go get you some!”

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