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Developmental Learning

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Little Lambs

 Six Weeks and Up

Our Little Lambs room is filled with all the comforts of home in a loving environment where your baby will receive oodles of face time, cuddling, and play throughout the day. Plus, your child will grow in an environment that understands his/her physical, emotional, and cognitive milestones and fosters them throughout the day.

When an infant first comes to the Little Lambs room, we follow whatever schedule and protocol parents have set up at home. Slowly, we ease our babies into a more pre-school ready schedule so that by the time they move up to our next class, they are easily integrated with our toddler routine.


Our babies are read to every day, attend a short Circle Time of songs and dances when they are able to sit up on their own, and build upon their developing fine and gross motor skills through age appropriate play centers and toys. When weather permits, we even go on stroller rides around our oak tree shaded campus.

Little Lambs is as close as it gets to having your baby cared for in a home environment. We often say that our Little Lambs room is like having your favorite aunt care for your precious little one. And it's our pleasure to be that devoted caregiver for your family,  making your first year of daycare as easy as possible.

11/3: student/teacher ratio

The Safari Room

One Year by September 30th

Toddler I is an exciting year with socialization as our primary goal. During their first year in preschool, our toddlers are fostered in a conducive learning environment where interactive play is guided through engaging circle times, story times  and centers with plenty of age-appropriate toys and games.

In addition, our toddlers enjoy outdoor recess, music, movement, and visual art throughout their day as fine and gross motor skills are developed through play and creativity.


Colors, shapes, feelings, parts of the body, animals, and animal noises are just a few of the themes this exciting class covers.

10:2 student/teacher ratio

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The Bears

Two Years by September 30th

We happen to think two-year-olds are remarkable little people. They are not quite babies and not quite big kids, which makes for an interesting year with lots of growth and milestones.


In the Bear room, our big focus continues to be socialization, however, we also introduce letters, numbers, counting up and counting down. Story Time becomes a larger part of this class as we introduce Listening and Response, a key component in early reading.

A milestone that many children reach during this class is potty training, something we work on alongside you and your child throughout the year. In addition, we also work with our two-year-olds on fine motor skills as we prepare them for our pre-k classes. And, as with all of our classes, Toddler II enjoys plenty of visual art, music, movement, and lots of outdoor playtime.

12:2 student/teacher ratio

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The Sunshine Room

Three years by September 30th

Our Pre-K programs are full of new experiences for our students. As they explore the world around them, new learning tools like science, handwriting, and phonics are added to their center and circle times.

In Pre-K 3, the children focus on the first sound of words and have both letters of the week and words of the week. They enjoy extended story times with engaging listening and response activities. Early subtraction and addition is introduced, as well as patterns and measurement. Through hands-on learning, animal habitats, weather, geology, and environmental science are explored. In  addition, music, movement, and visual art in centers, circle time, and class projects are part of a creative arts focus that enrich this first year in Pre-K .

12:2 student/teacher ratio

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The Honey Bees

Four years by September 30th

Pre-K 4 is a fun year that prepares our oldest students for Kindergarten. Centers are opened every morning where the children explore art, handwriting, literature, math, science, dramatic play, and hands-on learning.

Through engaging circle times, students work on math skills, phonics, science, and listening and response activities through story time.


The hallmark of our Pre-K class is our class discussions during Circle Time. We believe our students have great ideas and contributions to share with others. We encourage childhood curiosity and confidence through captivating discussions where students bring their thoughts to the circle through story mapping, Know, Want, and Learned charts, and show and tell. 

Themes is Pre-K 4 change weekly, but are thoroughly experienced through centers, circle time, class discussions, and plenty of music, movement, and dramatic play to keep our oldest children engaged and on their feet as they prepare for the next level of school.  

14:2 student/teacher ratio

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