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What to do with all that holiday tissue paper?


Years ago, we stumbled upon this fun art project on Pinterest from and thought what a great idea to use up all those tissue paper scraps around the house during the holidays. Plus, it's so easy!

1. Cut up pieces of colored tissue paper. Glue them onto a sheet of white paper.

2. Cut this sheet of paper into triangles to make the trees.

3. Paint another sheet of paper with three stripes of watercolor.

4. After the watercolor has dried, glue the trees onto this paper.

5. With marker, draw branches and grass.

6. Use a paper punch to cut out white snow.

Book pairing! This wouldn't be a CDP project without a book to go along with the project. Snuggle up with A Wish to be a Christmas Tree for art-at-home inspiration.

A Wish to be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe.

An aging pine tree is once again overlooked at Christmas time and worries that he'll never be a true Christmas tree. That is, until the tree’s friends in the forest make him feel incredibly special. Older kids will follow along with the neat transformation the old tree undergoes, and young readers will understand the message and love the illustrations.

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1 comentário

08 de dez. de 2020

This are some super cute ideas. Thank for sharing ☺️

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